Agility and Security, Case study with Kerberos automated backup

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As part of a mission at AMADEUS, I had to implement a LINUX daemon to save Kerberos information, in order to be able to recreate this virtual machine as soon as possible, according to the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP, PRA, PCA). Since this information is important and critical, I applied the SecurityByDesign paradigm. By configuring a specific user, the exchange of keys, the use of a trusted authority already present, are some of the techniques used. In addition to the story telling, I will give keys to facilitate the discussion with the management.

8 Oct 2019 18:00 — 18:30
Inria Sophia Antipolis (Canceled)
2004 Route des Lucioles, Espace Kahn, Sophia Antipolis, CA 06410

This conference at Sophia Security Camp 2019 was not given due to company change

But I did it at HumanTalks (10 min) and at GDG Lyon Meetup (1h)