Darling, I've got "Blinky" the Prod

Image credit: SummerCamp 2023 SRE FRANCE


This presentation explores the challenges for a SysAdmin/DevOps/XOps/Platform Engineering to be reactive to disruptions and the beginnings of incidents, focusing on information transfer mechanisms, possible interactions with its environment, as well as a touch of geekery offering application perspectives in various fields (CI/CD/Prometheus…). Join us for this captivating quickie and dive into the fascinating world of monitoring and observability. Let’s plug a prod into its taskbar and the IoT by discovering Enix’s Blinky, a revolutionary concept?

2 Sep 2023 08:30 — 3 Sep 2023 18:30
Chambéry (La Dynamo)
24 Av. Daniel Rops, Chambéry, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes 73000