Help 😨! I have a namesake!!! 😱

Image credit: Le Camping des Speakers


Imagine yourself, alone & the only [FIRST NAME] on Earth, a smooth school career, with a perfect family. Everything is going well, when suddenly, at an administrative stage, you realize that you have a namesake. And yes, it is possible, same name, same first name and same date of birth. I’m going to tell you about this nightmare that makes all the procedures more difficult: for example, permits, CAF and even my Covid-19 antigenic tests. Nothing but experience! (Around the fire format, slideless 15 minutes)

9 Jun 2022 08:00 — 10 Jun 2022 18:00
Vannes (Camping Mané Guernehué 5*, Golfe du Morbihan)
52 Rue Mané er Groez, Baden, BR 56870