Kerberos backup

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THINK OF A PREVENTIVE APPROACH FROM THE DESIGN PHASE OF A PROJECT Kerberos is the authentication system in our BigData architecture and it’s a SPOF (Single Point of Failure). To ensure the availability of the platform, I set up a backup and restore mechanism for Kerberos information. This allows to recreate an operational Kerberos server as soon as possible (in case of an incident). This information being critical, the security was thought from the beginning. I will present the techniques used and I will also talk about the awareness of the management on these important aspects. Indeed, even being in the internal network of a datacenter, we are not safe from an intrusion. The 0 risk does not exist.

13 Feb 2020 19:20 — 21:00
Lyon (Zenika)
6 place Jules Ferry, Lyon, RA 69006
This conference was given as a small version HumanTalks (10 min) (slides)