Libre Antenne of 01/04/2022

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Meet us every two months on the first Friday at 5pm to discuss the most beautiful crashes. Speak up and join us live to share your most interesting anecdotes. This show is prepared by René.

La Libre Antenne des Compagnons du DevOps is a live talk show every 2 months.

On the program:

00:00 What is an Libre Antenne?

05:35 The bikini… by René Ribaud (Bill)

21:30 Deployment with a magnetic strip by Christophe Chaudier

30:34 Cloud and a little miscalculation by René Ribaud

38:48 The inspiration of the emission The Share Minutes Fail thread on the forum of the Companions

39:50 On-call and legacy stories by David Aparicio

52:23 Sharing the tchat

55:26 Come and speak out !

1 Apr 2022 17:00 — 18:00